My stable has a couple of steeds that are resident. They give me great joy and I don’t get enough time to use them, or spend enough time with my family when they want to use theirs.

The new MTB Steed – the new wow

So there are some silver linings with the misfortune of theft. My bike insurance company came to the party and replaced my old custom carbon hardtail with a new steed. Drumroll… introducing my brand new BMC Fourstroke FS02 XT / SLX dual suspension MTB. This is my first duallie and it is taking some getting used to, but now I can ride down stairs without being bucked out of my saddle. I have decided to give it the moniker “VTT” which is the French word for mountain bike – vélo tout terrain.

BMC_FS02-#01It is an interesting frame construct, and I suppose typical of BMC braking the mould. The front triangle is carbon fibre and the rear suspended triangle is aluminium alloy, connected by tough rocker arms both on top and down below. The rear suspension pivot system is quite unique too, and I like it! While the chain stays aren’t asymmetric like some of the other manufacturers out there (Trek and Specialized to name but two), there is a reinforcing stay that connects between the seat and chain stays on the non-drive side.


I up-specced two parts at the bike store before I picked it up, installing Shimano XT brake levers and calipers  to go with the discs that I already had (and the other set of wheels that are getting made up) from the factory Avid Elixir 7s. I also changed the gear shifters from factory Shimano SLX components to Shimano XT shifters with the whole two gears up and down capability that they offer and dual direction up shifting. If you have given these shifters a go then you know what I am talking about when I say they are the bees knees. I also installed the same cockpit components I had on my old MTB, namely the Oury clamp on bar grips, PRO bar ends, and the K-Edge Garmin computer mount. It all makes for a very efficient cockpit set up.


I am dying to take it off-road and throw it at some berms and rocks. I think I have learned to love again – haha!


I would like to thank the guys and gal at Velosophy at Moore Park, who found the steed through the BMC dealer and chased down Shimano for the components to up spec. I would definitely recommend grabbing a bike off of these guys, now I have two bike stores who I trust.

RIP my old MTB Steed – you were awesome

This was my old custom built mountain bike based on a Trek XC Elite 9.8 carbon fibre frame. It was built over 9 months and was then stolen from our garage by a thief who broke in looking for the best prize. Here are the posts of the infamous event (MTB stolen and Thief caught on film). Yes I did cry when it was stolen…

It had a Shimano XT Deore groupset all around – but in the old discontinued 9 speed rear derailleur set up. It was top notch, and looked the part too. The shifters were quite hard to come by and the guys at City Bike Depot had only one set left that I found 2 months into the build.

It had installed a new set of RockShox XX SID dual air forks, but didn’t get the chance to test them out in earnest as I was waiting on a set of tubeless Shimano XT bullets with Maxxis Ikons installed. I still have those wheels, thank god, and they will be put to good use on the new steed.

The stoppers were Shimano XT hydraulic disc brakes on 160mm rotors – which did the job. As for the cockpit, it had a mount for my Garmin Edge 800 with a cadence sensor on the rear, and a plethora of shifters and levers. It also had some comfy contact points with a Fizik Gobi XM saddle and a pair of Oury rubber grips.