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This week’s travel theme from Ailsa’s blog ‘Where’s my backpack?’ is Illuminated. I thought I would use this travel theme to show off my photos from the Vivid Light Festival in Sydney from last year. I had to travel the best part of 3km to get to this location, but it was tough hauling with my Canon Digital SLR, 4 lenses, and a Tripod. I am only showing a few of the photos on this blog post but I uploaded a whole heap more, particularly of the Sydney Opera House, up to my Flickr account on this set Vivid Light Festival 2013. Oh, and as usual, the images link through to the larger sized photos on Flickr.

The Sydney Opera House was AWESOME! The video show this year was something special, and was good for both photography and video. The husband of one of our fellow bloggers, Josephine over at Becoming Aussie (the link has a blog post with video of the show), had a hand in putting together this part of the light show. My favourite part was definitely the lizard eye.


The Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) was well cool too and competed well against the ‘House, but was pipped into second place.


There were another two video displays against buildings this year, in addition to the regular one on Customs House which was unusually average. One was against the old brick warehouse building behind the Overseas Passenger Terminal, which was better to watch in motion than still. The running horses were the best bit.


Circular Quay was bathed in colour!


Not all the displays were grand, some were on a more human scale. Like this oversized illuminated beehive.


Or the light panels that were sensitive to touch.


The terraces in the rocks were lit up again this year after being absent in 2012. Love the colours, and the light murals on the 1st storey balconies.


I liked the giant neon tube light bulb – cool too.


Some of the art pieces were quite abstract, but this one was sheer genius. It would have to have been very highlight calculated with the shade effects against the textured cubes. The lighting changed its saturation over time and the shadows changed with it. Chapeau to this artist.


I think my boy enjoyed the light show a lot, particularly when he got to play on the light piano with his mum.


I can’t wait to see what the lineup will be for 2014.

Great theme this week Ailsa, good excuse to post some cool photos.

The festive, or silly season has well and truly descended on Sydney – and I partook in the festivities last night. But even though last night’s hydration methods were not optimal, I did not want to give up the opportunity to go for a weekend ride. It is funny at the moment, because riding on the weekend during the  silly season is an eye-opener. In addition to the regulars that you pass by on a morning ride – other riders, runners, and walkers – I find myself passing the stragglers coming home from Christmas festivities, in all their garb from the night previous. There is a lot of glass on the ground too, but at least it is quieter.

So it was a perfect setting to take my road steed out for a spin and blow away some cobwebs. I am fortunate that my local road runs are not that far away from some of Sydney’s major tourist attractions. I am less than 5km from getting onto the bike path on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and not much further from The Rocks, Circular Quay and the Sydney Opera House. I decided to keep the spinning local into The Rocks and then back again over through the inner west. Here are a couple of snaps that I stopped to take while on route (it was not a hitout ride by any stretch).

Riding in Sydney - Dec 12 #1

Don’t let the clouds fool you, it was 20 degrees celcius at 7:30am.

Riding in Sydney - Dec 12 #2

The Sydney Opera House had a gloomy wake up this morning, before being lit up by the beautiful summer sun.

My reward for this morning’s ride was provided after rounding the corner at Dawes Point. The silly season is also the cruise ship season in Sydney, and docked at Circular Quay was the massive Royal Carribean ‘Voyager of the Seas’. A huge cruise ship – 311m long and 63m high. I was pretty blown away by it’s size.

Riding in Sydney - Dec 12 #3

It has a big backside too.

Riding in Sydney - Dec 12 #4

A surprising ride, and a few PBs on some of the segments. Definitely need to get the kilometres back up, and looking forward to doing some big rides over the Christmas break.

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