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Nothing to say, just the photo.


Why is it that the lead up to Christmas is always the busiest work time? For the last four weeks and the next couple leading up to Christmas it has and will be silly busy. So I am trying to squeeze in some time to continue my blog in the lead up to the festive break. And also make some time to read my fellow blogger’s musings, photos, and posts.

But the weekend is here, and the last Pyrmont Growers Market for 2013 was held this morning. It is one of the monthly events that we love doing as a family, and on the first Saturday of every month food growers and connoisseurs descend on the grass reserve at Pyrmont out the front of the casino. Being the December market we were also on a mission – stock up for Christmas!


It was a glorious Summer morning, and I hope we get many more of these this Summer. We weren’t the only ones to descend on the market, and it was quite busy with people both shopping and wanting to grab a quick bite to eat.


I love going and grabbing a roll stuffed with yummy meat. Next month I am hunting down this guy with his shredded pork rolls and crackling. Our very specific food mission was to find our favourite French chef, Stephane, to put in our order for a Christmas terrine that he makes to order for pick up before the 24th. His wares are delicious!


The market merchants weren’t just selling food and drink, but also flowers and some other decorations too.


Most of the merchants allow you to try their goods and this is music to “The Pok’s” (AKA my son) ears. He could eat them all under the cover just in the tastings alone. And he smiles at all of them too, so they can’t resist giving him seconds. Boy does he have this game figured out – God help us when he turns into a teenager chasing girls. I got to try some Christmas pudding before the big show.


I was thirsty and so was “The Pok”. It was hot after all. We found a stall that was selling homemade lemonade cordial, and I picked up a bottle to make myself at home (maybe with a hint of vodka when the little ones are asleep). The lady was selling takeaways too so we couldn’t help ourselves.


Most of the merchants focus on selling fresh produce which have as much natural good stuff in it. We picked up some grain fed beef and some vegetables without all the chemicals.


“The Pok” was having a lot of fun in the sun.


We found one of our favourite food merchants who sell these fantastic caramelised vinegars and oils – yum.


The colours are great too!


They had prime position on the waterfront. What I love about these markets is that they are a good leveler between all types – the rich locals and the plebs like us.


And while we were waiting for “Mummy of The Pok” to put the terrine order in, acrobatics were the order of the day. All of this activity still didn’t wear him out for a midday snooze.


Now looking forward to Christmas and enjoying the delights of what we picked up. And while we are eating, I will have the opportunity to ponder how fortunate we are to be able to have some small indulges.

Most people would take a rainy, windy, night as an opportunity to have a night on the couch in front of the tube. But I like to shoot photos, and I think the rain at night time provides a wonderful opportunity to get out and capture something different. I like night photography a lot, particularly the colours of artificial light and how different this light looks bouncing off reflective surfaces. Illuminations as my wife would say.

My location tonight was a simple one – Jones Bay Wharf. I once took refuge there having been caught out in a storm at the end of a night ride. After catching my breath I noticed the way the wharf caught the night lights and how the rain came through the gaps in the upper deck. I thought to myself that I would have to come back and shoot this with the SLR should the same conditions arise. Tonight presented that opportunity, though I think I lucked out on not receiving a more torrential downpour. What I was hoping to capture was streaks of light bouncing off the rain as it trailed down from the grates. But I got slightly different conditions, and a subject conveniently parked for my point of focus. All the images click through to my larger photos on Flickr.

Rainy Night on Jones Bay Wharf 1

I was hoping for the pale yellow opening to provide the showering from the grate, but the rain had eased up by the time I got there. The motorcycle was positioned perfectly, and I think the older styling suited the aging of the wharf’s skeletal structure.

So this was not quite the photo that I had been planning for. But I thought to maximise the situation, and shoot a few more photos for the evening. I went up a bit further and took the shot in reverse looking back the way I had come, still placing the motorcycle as the focal point. I like this shot better.

Rainy Night on Jones Bay Wharf 2

I prefer the colours exposed by the night lights cast against the stone cutting in the distance, but also the concrete colours of the wall and even the red bin cover. It all adds a bit of depth to the shot, and better reflects the varied activities that occur on the wharf.

So that was the location, but I wanted to get one last shot in. I started walking back to the car and then remembered that the wharf platform would be soaked, offering a perfect mirror to the night lights. I also knew well that I could probably find a location with the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background. Here is the shot, and it offered a good mix of lighting in the cloudy sky, strong diagonals, and a bit of colour thrown into the mix. I am happy with this third one too.

Rainy Night on Jones Bay Wharf 3

I will have to come back to this location when it is properly raining. Here is the location on Google Maps, it is my local area and within easy walking distance from the city.

Jones Bay Wharf - Google Maps Location

I will work on the cropping and exposure settings for next time. I didn’t wash any of the photos through Photoshop, other than the first to correct some of the vertical perspective via the crop tool. Focussing in the dark was challenging as well, and maybe I could extend the depth of field for the shots. I would love to hear from other photographers on how they would shoot the locations differently. Looking forward to the next spontaneous shooting opportunity.

Next clue for my header photo – the building is named after an ex-European Head of State from the late 60s to mid 70s. Time to giddy up and hit the sack.

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