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My wife planned a date night for this last weekend a while ago with tickets to John Legend. A few of life’s dice did not roll our way in the last week, so when we got to Friday I was not in the mood. But my wife did not entertain for one little bit missing out on the concert – and I am glad that she didn’t. After a quiet evening stroll to the Entertainment Centre, we arrived at our seats about a minute before John Legend took to the stage. There were no gaudy stages or extravagant smoke displays, just a well lit stage and a fantastic backing band including a four piece string quartet.


I love going to see John Legend play. He is a cheeky musician who writes some saucy songs, but all with a veneer of clean music over the top. And I suppose there is no shortage of ego either. But he is one very talented musician! Maybe he was onto something when he moved on from being a management consultant to tour and travel the world…

The French band Phoenix have landed in Sydney again! If you don’t know who they are, they are the best band you haven’t heard of 🙂 I just spent an awesome night with my wife seeing them play live at the Hordern Pavilion – and the floor was pumping.

Phoenix - Live Sydney 2014

What I can’t figure out is why they are more popular outside of their home country France? Maybe because all their songs are in English. Who cares, we Aussies love them. And they performed all of their songs that I love. Haha, I am not too old yet to rock out at a concert.

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