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Nothing to say, just the photo (with a little help from Pixlr on my Android).



Spring in full bloom is coming to an end, hello Summer!


I have been long overdue for a blood donation at the Australian Red Cross Blood Service. I was booked in for a donation this morning for a blood plasma, when I was asked if I could donate platelets instead. Apparently I have a high platelet count (for no other reason than I have), and some poor soul does not. He or She is in desperate need on a daily basis of platelet transfusions until they can find a suitable bone marrow donor – not an easy job. So my Friday Fone Foto is a simple one, a new blood sucking machine that I have become acquainted with. 🙂


I don’t like pushing my causes on others, but if you can donate then why not? The needle only tickles, the staff are always awesome, and plus they give you a free milkshake after your donation!


Jack Mundey, the man who stood up to save ‘The Rocks’ in Sydney. You might not agree with his background, but the outcome has benefited all Sydneysiders.


Sometimes this is what I dream about driving… And I would definitely take mine in orange.


Nothing to say, just the photo


Nothing to say, just the photo.


Nothing to say, just the photo.


Nothing to say, just the photo (albeit noisy).


Nothing to say, just the photo.


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