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Nothing to say just the photo.


Nothing to say just the photo.


Nothing to say just the photo.


Been a long time away from the blog, but back to it. As usual nothing to say just the photo, and the first in a series of FFFs on Reflections.


Last night in Sydney there was a chill that descended overnight. It can’t be coincidence that India lost in the Cricket World Cup semi-final last night to Australia. The thousands of fiery swami army fans left the SCG quite a bit cooler. Bring on Sunday.
BTW – this wasn’t from last night, but from the pool match between South Africa and West Indies where de Villiers went on a rampage.

My politics aside, you have to admit that someone has put a lot of effort and money to disparage our Prime Minister. And it very much reflects the dismal state of affairs in our houses of parliament.


Happy Lunar New Year 2015! Baaaaa…



Nothing to say, just the photo…


I hope that those wearing skirts or dresses are not put off by this store entrance…


Nothing to say, just the photo (with a little help from Pixlr on my Android).


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