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The ANZAC Bridge is Sydney Harbour’s other bridge. It is the one that is often forgotten by the tourists, but equally important in keeping Sydney moving. In my opinion it is an engineering beauty whose elegance lies in its myriad of cable stays and it’s two sentient towers. The area in which the bridge is situated holds lots of Sydney’s working history, with the old sandstone quarries being located on the Pyrmont side (East) and one of the many old dockyards surrounding the harbour foreshore being located on the Rozelle side (West). For many American GIs posted to the Pacific Theatre in World War II, they would have departed from Sydney in boats docked near where the Western footings now stand.

The weather this last weekend has been pretty much rubbish, but at sunset on both days the heavens opened up and provided a spectacular sky show with the ANZAC bridge as its star. Come to think of it, the weather this Summer has just been bizarre – and I think there may be another heatwave coming our way later this month. Both my Canon EOS 400D SLR and Canon Powershot G15 came out for a play and here are the results. As usual all the photos link through to larger images on my Flickr photostream.

ANZAC Bridge - #1

ANZAC Bridge - #2

ANZAC Bridge - #3

ANZAC Bridge - #4

ANZAC Bridge - #5

ANZAC Bridge - #6

The last shot is of the cycle path that loops around on itself on the Pyrmont side to bring you up to the height of the bridge deck. I have ridden this too many times to count. If you are interested in going for a walk to the bridge you can find it at the location below on Google Maps. Make sure you stop at the Sydney Fish Markets for a bit to eat while you are at it as well.

ANZAC Bridge - Google Maps


The plan to stay at home for the Christmas break brought on a case of some very itchy feet. We were itching to travel somewhere. Not to some exotic overseas location (though that would have been nice), but to a place where we could relax and enjoy the Australian summer. About a month ago we planned to go camping, but a little thing called work got in the way. So with tent in hand, we searched for a place to pitch it. Luck was on our side as another family had cancelled a reservation that they had at Shellharbour Beachside Tourist Park – and it was a prime position too. Shellharbour is just over an hour and a half drive South of Sydney, very easy to get to. The spot we nabbed was right at the end of the camp site closest to the beach and rocky head. So far the weather hasn’t been on our side, but New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are looking quite promising. With grey skies dominating our first night, I decided to try some shots at dusk of the seaside pool and the rocky head. I love the way the ocean blurs on long exposure shots. The artificial light contrasting against the ill-defined clouds creates an interesting mood too. At first I was being lazy, shooting from a distance and holding the camera by hand. This didn’t really work, so I got down on the seaside rocks and pulled out my trusted Manfrotto. This was essential for this little shooting trek. Next time I will remember to bring a torch too so I can see what I am doing in the dim light. BTW – all the links from the photos open up to the larger images uploaded to my Flickr account.

Shellharbour - #1

Shellharbour - #2

Shellharbour - #3

Shellharbour - #4

Shellharbour - #5

Hopefully the weather does clear up so my little man can get out of the tent and into the sun.

Camp Shellharbour

If anyone is interested in visiting this beautiful seaside spot on the NSW South Coast, below is the location on Google Maps of where we chose to stay.

Shellharbour - Google Maps

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