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A nice bit of architectural lighting.

FFF Light Dots 0692

I always love going to visit my brother and sister-in-law down in Melbourne whenever I get the chance. It is always good for a laugh and we have a fun time telling stories or picking on each other. Since they got married last year, they have been steadily outfitting their house with decorations that are unique for them. This post is not a “Better Homes and Gardens” house showcase, but a couple of photos showing their unique taste in furnishings.

My sister-in-law is an avid reader with a wide and varied taste in literary genres (her taste in pay TV shows is another matter, and should never be published on the interweb). They have a massive bookcase surrounding the TV, but what is the highlight of this shelving unit is the top right corner where there is an unlikely grouping of books. Bill Clinton, The Holy Bible, Heineken, and the Oxford English Dictionary should never be bedfellows.

Melbourne 2013_0007

They both found a poster that makes them happy to fill a long vacant void in their kitchen. They are not millionaires but this poster makes them feel happy, and me too, every time they walk past it.

Melbourne 2013_0008

The other poster in their place is one gained from when my Brother and I went to the Tour Down Under in Adelaide and met the greatest professional cyclist ever – “The Cannibal” Eddy Merkx! We waited for him to sign the poster for us and got a photo with him as well. Having said that, placing this in the corridor on the way to the WC is kind of intimidating.

Melbourne 2013_0010

Lastly is their most recent addition. Every house needs a Dr. Evil chair. Where else in the house could you hatch plans for global or intergalactic domination. I found myself thinking evil conquering thoughts just sitting in it. It’s cool!

Melbourne 2013_0011

The Emperor would be jealous, at least the lighting is better.

Return of the Jedi - Emperor Palpatine

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