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One cheeky rabbit has missed the curtain call.


Nothing to say, just the photo from the mobile.


Ailsa at ‘Where’s My Backpack?’ has given us a tough travel theme this week – Dance. It is not a subject that I usually shoot, but I have trawled through some of my photos and maybe (?) have some loose interpretations to the theme. As usual, all my photos link through to the larger images on my Flickr site.

This first photo is from a couple of years back at the Festival of the Winds on Bondi Beach, which shows off kites and all kinds of other displays to do with the wind. These flags together show a painting of girls dancing and in the gusting wind they really did dance.

Festival of the Winds - Bondi Beach

The next photo was when we went to the Great Barrier Reef to dive at the outer reef. I have a bit of a phobia for diving, but this was too good to pass up. The fish swam and danced around me to a song that I could not hear. It was absolutely amazing and this little glimpse through the lens does not do the experience justice, I was totally surrounded.

Great Barrier Reef - Underwater

The next two shots are from our trip to Mayan Mexico, where we went to Xcaret ecological park (I wrote about this trip in an earlier post). We had the opportunity to watch quite a few traditional Mexican dances from the performers in the shows. The costumes were vibrant and full of colour. I had never seen traditional dance like this before.

Riviera Maya - Xcaret dancers

Riviera Maya  -  Xcaret Mayan performers

On the final day of our honeymoon in Shanghai, China, we decided to walk the length of the Bund where we finished up at what must have been a monument to the Chinese Communist revolution. In the middle of this, a group of older woman arrived and started practicing group dance together with a set of small red pom-poms on a cord. My Chinese is non-existent so I did not get the chance to ask someone what this was. Nevertheless we sat there for at least half an hour to watch the show.

Shanghai Morning Dance

The final shot was from the first night we spent in New York. We arrived on Halloween and was told by the concierge to check out the parade. It was crazy busy with people 5-6 deep from the barricades on the street. The parade was cool to watch, especially the group of university students who performed Michael Jackson’s Thriller. This was one of the girls who was dancing through the streets on stilts – impressive.

New York Halloween 2006 Parade

Tough challenge this week. Thanks Ailsa.

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