One of my workmates, PD, organised a long overdue ride on the weekend. He called the shots as to location and I brought one of my regular riding buddies, JB, along for the ride. This might come as a surprise for most Sydney cyclists who live ‘North of the Bridge’ but I have never ridden up this way before. We kicked off into the National Park at Bobbin Head and proceeded to take what is known as the “3 Gorges” route: Bobbin Head – Galston Gorge – Berowra Waters. What a magical ride! The day was perfect and the scenery equally so. I quickly realised that I am not getting enough climbing in on my rides, and the quiet fact that PD has a life of triathlon riding under his belt including the Hawaiian Ironman. Needless to say PD belted us, but it wasn’t a race and I loved it. How can you not love a ride where you get scenery like this (taken when we were waiting for the water ferry to cross at Berowra Waters).


This ride was 62km in total, but had some bite to it with 1,130m of vertical. No nasty pinches, but some good hard climbing and some great downhill bombing.


I can’t wait to ride up here again, and probably need to add this to my list of local routes to tackle. There are some other routes out here that are now on the wish list too!