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Nothing to say, just the photo from the mobile.


Our boy, AKA ‘The Pok’, has started to say some really funny things with the reasoning of a 3-year-old behind his musings. Some of it is hilarious, or just bizarre.

He delivered a double whammy when he came with me to the hospital to see his mother and baby sister for the first time.

I could tell he was nervous with anticipation because instead of being a chatterbox like normal he traveled in the car in stunned silence. I told him, “[Pok] you know that when we get to the hospital that the baby might be asleep, and Mummy is very tired.”

He nodded and held my hand as we walked into the birth centre.

His face lit up when he saw his mummy and he was in awe upon seeing his baby sister. He then instructed all of us to talk softly so as not to wake the baby up.

When one of the midwives came into the room to check up on my wife and baby girl, I left the room to refill a glass of ice water and reheat the hot water pack. On the way back to the room all the midwives were having a chuckle and I soon found out why.

My wife proceeded to tell me…

When the midwife entered she started to talk with my wife about her medication requirements.

At that point The Pok propped up and told her, “You need to be quiet because my baby sister is asleep!”

My wife was in stitches and told her, “I think that you have just been schooled by a 3 year old.”

The midwife turned to The Pok and contritely replied, “I am sorry, I was using my outside voice” proceeding to lower the tone of her voice and continue the conversation. She turned to my wife and said, “If you don’t mind I think I need to tell my colleagues about your son.”

Later on, during this hospital visit my boy asked the question that we had both not been keen to answer all the way through the pregnancy.

“Mummy, how did the baby get out?”

I had to jump in quickly to cut it off at the pass.

“[Pok], I think that the baby crawled out.”

My wife added quickly…

“And I gave her a little push.”

He thought about both answers and this seemed to satisfy his curiosity.

If he was going ask where the baby came out, then our bottled response was for him to ask his teachers at preschool…


So for my 200th post on this blog, I am proud to write about the arrival of my little girl. As if right on cue she announced her arrival in a flash. We almost didn’t get to the hospital on time, and 10 minutes later my wife would not have been able to make it through the main entrance. But my “Superwoman” wife did what she has been preparing for over the last nine months and right on the due date she delivered our beautiful baby girl healthy and full of buzz. My wife was awesome and seeing this again for the second time I think that us men underestimate the pain threshold.


All her grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins are very excited and we have been spending a lot of time on Skype. I am fortunate to be able to spend a couple of weeks at home with my wife and the new addition to our family. Of course our son, AKA “The Pok”, is quite excited and can’t get enough of her. He was quite disappointed tonight when he was not able to get a third cuddle. When I dropped him off at his pre-school this morning I packed two photos in the bag for him to show his classmates, he was so proud and apparently wouldn’t stop talking about her.


And what I thought was a strange coincidence, upon leaving the Birth Centre at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney was another one of the conservation rhinos that Taronga Zoo had commissioned. Only this one was special, it was a mummy rhino with a baby rhino painted inside of its womb. One of the obstetricians took a fancy to it and purchased it in the auction, subsequently donating it to the hospital.


We are so blessed with the arrival of our little bundle of joy, and I thank the heavens that both my wife and daughter came through unscathed. I look forward to the nights of listening to my baby girl’s little cries, and watching the reaction of our son to the new kid on the block.

P.S. They measured our girl’s VO2 Max (all the cyclists out there will know what I am talking about) – 95! (apparently that is normal for all babies, but with numbers like that she would smash the pro peloton up Alpe d’Huez).

P.P.S. Our son arrived on his due date as well, the odds of that happening for both are 1/4 of 1% – time to buy a lottery ticket I think.


This blog has been neglected of late, and for good reason. I can’t blame cycling – I have been off the bike for a few weeks now with quite a nasty respiratory bug. I could quote work (which would be correct), but life and the contents of this photo are probably the biggest influence.


My son is about to get a baby sister!

She is due any day now and we are excited (and me a little nervous). The Pok has been getting all excited for the arrival of a baby who can play with him (boy is he in for a shock).

So for my 199th post, I wait with nervous anticipation for a phone call from my better half. Do you think it would be cheeky for me to ask for my wife to time the delivery after the Australia v Holland Football World Cup match?

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