Our boy, AKA ‘The Pok’, has started to say some really funny things with the reasoning of a 3 year old behind his musings. Some of it is hilarious, or just bizarre.

Last week as we sat down to the normal routine of a weekday breakfast, my wife, the Pok, and I loaded up our breakfast bowls at the table. I had cereal and milk, The Pok had his favourite cereal with yoghurt, and my wife had served herself some toast which she intended douse with a topping of honey. In my infinite wisdom (and to deter the ants of Summer) I put the bottle of honey in the fridge. My wisdom did not extend to cover the effect that the cold had on the viscosity of the honey itself – cold and not runny at all.

So as my wife turned the bottle upside to squeeze the honey out, what should have been a simple toast dressing turned into a squeezing ordeal. Each squeeze of the bottle produced only a few drops and my wife had to squeeze more than 10 times to get the minimum acceptable amount to cover her toast. Normally this amount of squeezing would have produced far too much honey.

The Pok looked at her disapprovingly and said “Do you think you have got enough yet?”

We burst out laughing at his first attempt at reverse parenting.