This week’s travel theme from Ailsa’s blog ‘Where’s my backpack?’ is Yellow. Yellow has so many meanings that you discover on travels. It is the King of Thailand’s colour, it is the colour of the overall leader’s jersey in the Tour de France, and it is also the colour of the away strip of my football team. Here is my take on this week’s travel theme (and as usual the image link through to my larger photos on Flickr).

Starting in Australia the mystical crocodile infested wetlands of Yellow Water, Kakadu, Northern Territory, Australia, look serene in the sunset. One would be very short for this world if they chose to swim in here or step to close to the water’s edge.


On the other side of the country and at the heart of Australia’s second biggest city, Flinders Street train station in Melbourne is a beautifully preserved yellow painted building.


Back up to the Australian tropics on the Great Barrier Reef, one of the best travel experiences that I have ever had was snorkeling and scuba diving along the reef. It was surreal being surrounded by schools of Pacific Yellowtails.


Last year we went to Maui in Hawai’i for my brother’s wedding. After the wedding we had a great night at a Hawaiian Luau. Yes it was a stage performance but the food was fantastic, the pina coladas were flowing, and the performers were awesome. I loved watching their yellow flowing skirts as they ‘shook their coconuts’.


My mother in-law lives in the English Northern Midlands, in a beautiful country region known as English Frankton. I love driving through the fields when the rapeseed flowers are in bloom.

English Frankton_11_0011

Over in Paris, France on Bastille Day the Eiffel Tower was aglow in yellow light. And they tried to blow it up with fireworks too. Cool night!


Lastly, I love the zoom zooms (Formula 1)! And yellow is the colour of Renault. Yes they may have had splashes of other colours polluting the livery, but yellow is their colour. Here is the car they built, in the turbo days, that earned them their first win – at the Paris Motor Show of 2004.


And here is Renault in action at the 2009 Suzuka, Japanese Formula 1 Grand Prix. Seeing the crazy Japanese revheads at Suzuka was half the fun and it is an amazing track!


Thanks Ailsa, easier theme this week.