Our boy, AKA ‘The Pok’, has started to say some really funny things with the reasoning of a 3 year old behind his musings. Some of it is hilarious, or just bizarre.

The Pok LOVES to go for a swim, but as a 3 year old he barely has the ability to paddle leave aside the need to breathe. His swimming is effectively limited by how long he can hold his breath underwater.

So when we were in the pool the other day taking him for a swim, his enthusiam for jumping in the pool and swimming underwater across a couple of lanes knew no bounds. Then he spotted the older kids next to him performing pirouettes underwater. While he was performing one of his many jump-swims halfway through he attempted to pirouette, not realising the limitations of his own lung capacity. I figured out at the last second that I would have to intervene and went over to lift him back out of the water.

He had swallowed a copious amount of chlorinated pool water. This resulted in much coughing and spluttering as I raised his head above the pool surface. Clearly embarrassed at his own failure to emulate the feat of the older swimmers he turned and said to me,

“Daddy, [cough] that was just a trick [cough]!”

He lifted himself back out of the pool, and proceeded to successfully perform his “trick” a further ten times – without swallowing half the pool.

I have come to the realisation that his confidence far outweighs his abilities, and thus he is progressing in leaps and bounds.

Pok Swimming