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OK – so this post may make some of my fellow Northern hemisphere bloggers slightly jealous, but sorry I am in the “back to work” doldrums. My Christmas Summer holidays are over and it is back to the desk in the middle of a Sydney Summer. It seemed like it went so quick! Christmas day was very wet, we belted the poms in the cricket to win back the little urn and restore balance to the force (for non-Aussies I will not translate this), and I got to take my family to the beach – several times!

We are lucky in Sydney that we have a great selection of beaches to choose from. My favourite surf beach is Maroubra because it is not full of tourists, but with a 3 year old in tow our favourite beach would have to be Balmoral within Sydney Harbour. It is family friendly with minimal surf and easy to get to, the only downside being the limited parking (which may also be the blessing to stop it from getting overcrowded).

And our boy loves it too! Whether he is pretending to be a starfish in the sand.


Or jumping over the sinkholes that we have dug in the beach.


Balmoral is a very nice stretch of sand and is very welcoming. Even for fellow beach goers trying to signal planes flying overhead with sand bucket writing.


And camping out under the sun tent is the ideal location to get stuck into the snacks that would otherwise not be allowed at home.


I have one more long weekend at the beach booked at the end of January, so hopefully looking forward to some more beach fun. It is the little travel trips that sometimes provide the best enjoyment.

Our boy, AKA The Pok, has started to say some really funny things with the reasoning of a 3 year old behind his musings. Some of it is hilarious, or just bizarre. The last few nights have been sweltering hot Sydney Summer nights. Mosquitoes the size of helicopters have been hovering around for the kill and they find The Pok to be juicy and succulent prey. The other night he woke up at around 2am with that wild mozzie bite scratching sensation from some 10 swollen bites, and he was very grumpily tired. My wife grabbed him and propped him up in our bed. Trying to calm him down she said “do you want Mummy to get you a (histamine) tablet for your bites?” His demeanour instantly turned 180 degrees as he shot bolt upright in the bed. “Mummy, are we going to watch a show?” We both burst out laughing at the realisation that his understanding of a ‘tablet’ was first and foremost a computing device (primarily for toddler entertainment) and not a vehicle for medication. His disappointment at the type of tablet he was about to receive was palpable…

Just a quick post to celebrate the New Year. Looking forward to more infant adventures, more travel and exploring, more riding, more photography, more blogging, and more time with my family. Enjoy the Sydney NYE Fireworks (apologies for the mobile phone quality video) …

Hello 2014 – you are going to be interesting!

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