Christmas is over for another year and we had a stuffy Christmas Eve full of food and drink, rain all of Christmas Day (both presents for the Pok and the water kind), and Boxing Day was bright and sunny. But one of the most distinct traditions we have in an Australian Summer Christmas is a night raid of the Sydney Fish Markets. The markets are open for 36 hours straight and even at 11:30PM on the 23rd of December it was heaving.

The usual suspects headed out for the raid (i.e. my wife, brother and his wife), with cool bags in tow.


The Police were alerted to our presence and were out in full force to placate the natives for our arrival (we walk there, while others join the massive traffic jam to enter the car park marshaled by the cops).


The prawns were overflowing with multiple hands at work to dish them out. Our raid involve acquiring a few kilograms of this stuff.


Crustaceans of all shapes, kinds and colours were on their best display for the evening. Even with the fake camouflage they couldn’t hide.


Some fish were feeling special too…


Mrs Clause couldn’t help but partake in some oyster shucking.


And to think that this row of ocean fruit would all be gone in probably a couple of hours, replaced by the next batch.


It wasn’t just seafood on sale, the deli was flogging off its fromage.


And they also stocked all the colours of the rainbow of bottled goodness.


The sushi reindeer were working overtime.


And some of the salmon sold were longer than my arm.


Hope you all had a good Christmas!