A few days ago I blogged about a single photo of Sydney Harbour when the bushfires commenced in NSW. It looked like Armageddon had arrived in Sydney. Here it is again:



I uploaded this shot to Flickr as I do with all my photos, for one main reason – I want to own the rights to my photos. So it was to my surprise that I received an email this morning around 10am that said:

“Hey Christopher Yardin, Yahoo Editorial has added your photo to their gallery.”

I started putting two and two together. Flickr is owned by Yahoo, and just recently they have revived interest in this photography based social platform by offering everybody up to 1TB of cloud storage for your photos. There are not many photographers who have 1TB of image files, so I think they are pretty safe when it comes to hitting their storage limits. But I have noticed a pretty big increase in photo views on my account as a result (I blogged about it previously – as it was pleasantly surprising to me). But through one very important user favouriting my photo and adding it to their gallery, my photo views and in particular this shot have gone through the roof. This is the graph after 4 hours of the favouriting action:


This is now my most popular photo by a long shot and at the rate I am getting photo views today it will be in the multiple thousands of views by this time tomorrow. I am a bit shocked to be honest. I take photos for my own enjoyment and capturing visual memories, and then hope that other people enjoy viewing my photos as well. That is partly why I write I started this blog. But I never thought that I would take a photograph that would be viewed by thousands of people. It just goes to show you that being in the right place at the right time cannot be underestimated.

It also goes to show that my choice to pack a decent camera with me wherever I go (in this case my Canon Powershot G15) has borne fruit. This sparked public interest is giving me the impetus to get out and shoot more.

Regardless of my joy, there are firefighters doing it tough battling against Mother Nature in some pretty incendiary conditions. It looks like this Summer in Sydney could be one of bushfires and blazes.