Recently in Sydney during the International Fleet Review the visiting navies from around the world opened their ships to visitors to board and tour the vessels. You don’t get too many opportunities to normally do this, and of course I had to bring my son – AKA The Pok – to see the big ships. But where the ships were docked was a hefty walk and they told us not to bring prams. So we headed off with my Canon Powershot G15 in hand rather than my SLR and the infant carrier strapped to my back. By the time we got through the gate he was in the carrier on my back. Now at over 17kg he is a heavy solid little boy – a ball of muscle. It reminded me of this scene from Star Wars (me being Luke Skywalker of course) …


Only problem is that my Jedi mind tricks don’t work on him any more… (by the way – I won’t be so stupid as to not recognise the copyright on this film image being by Lucasfilm, now Disney from Star Wars Episode 5 – The Empire Strikes Back. I am waiting for the takedown email)

Of the over 5 hours that we were at the naval base, he must have spent at least 4 of them strapped to my back. This made ascending and descending some of the steep ladders and manholes a fun exercise of watching my footholds. He did take the opportunity to have a snooze while strapped in too, so not all so bad. In addition it was a bit cool and I felt him tuck in his arms behind my back several times just to keep warm.

When he finally did decide to play, he had real fun. If they weren’t warships I would recommend to the Royal Australian Navy to do this every weekend as a jungle gym. Firstly decided that he wanted to run around the decks and be a 3 year old goof ball.


Or posing for the camera


Or deciding to play hide and seek in the metal base of the missile tubes insisting that is was “Your turn Daddy” to hop into an impossibly small hole for a grown adult.


But it was when he arrived on the bridge that he found his true calling and assumed the chair. Seems like he wasn’t too impressed with the performance of the crew.


It is possible that he wasn’t too impressed with my impersonation of Sherpa Tenzig, hauling his lump all around the naval dock. Ahhhh – to be as carefree as a 3 year old, and see the world through his eyes…