This week’s travel theme from Ailsa’s blog ‘Where’s my backpack?’ is Deep. Tough theme to choose photos for, and I think that quite often I am shooting sites that I know have depth lurking behind them. Here is my go (and as usual, all my images link to the larger photos on Flickr).

We visited the Lake District in the English North West for a long weekend at the onset of Winter. The weather was beautiful, but COLD! It was -5 degrees Celcius when we went out for a boat cruise on the beautiful Lake Windemere. The colour of the water was a deep and dark blue, and you definitely couldn’t see the bottom.


When we went to Chichén Itzá in Mexico, we were amazed at the size and depth of the Sacred Cenote (sinkhole). Much human sacrifice had been made at this pit, and the murkiness of the water adds to the mystery. As if to reinforce its previous use, a large black vulture was standing watch in the trees but I could not capture him through the lens.


Nearer to home, Jenolan Caves in NSW offers a quite surreal experience buried deep in the Blue Mountains and obviously underground. The different caves are spectacular and quite a sight to shoot with their stalagmites (ascending) and stalagtites (descending) – I think I got that right… or is it the other way around. This ribbon of mineral took thousands of years to form.


Finally, deep in the heart of Australia’s Northern Territory lies the beautiful Kakadu National Park. The ravines in the rock are hundreds of metres deep and most have not been explored by man. True wild country.


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