There is nothing like a move of house to reinforce the need to declutter your life of material objects. I have been away from this blog for the last couple of weeks for this very reason. And the shocking reality of my hoarding nature has dawned upon me. It is not that I am a hoarder by nature – and definitely nothing even close to those people that hoard like on the Discovery Channel documentaries where there are boxes stacked to the ceiling and 6 inches of passageway through a room. But in over seven years in one place I have definitely accumulated and held onto too much “stuff”. Part of that stuff is the result of the appearance of The Pok (AKA my son) who has assumed the mantle of king of the house.

Some of it is ridiculous – like the fact that I have kept every copy of The Economist newspaper (magazine) I have ever bought – apparently they now have an online subscription. Other bits are just plain clutter, like the set of golf clubs that I was gifted with in the hope of converting me into a metal stick swinger (sweet FA chance of that happening – I am a cyclist). And then there is just the plain old fact that I have so many clothes that I don’t wear anymore and need to be taken to the charity bin for someone more worthy.

The move has finished now and we are waiting for essential services to be switched on, with the key one being internet. The service levels for doing a simple switch at a telecom exchange box apparently is four weeks. If they had given me the keys to the room I would have gone in there and done it myself in 5 minutes. So I will be able to hook into this blog again (and all the other blogs I follow) soon.

But I think the immediate life priority is to empty some of the boxes directly into the garbage bins. Then get back to normal life and writing my blog.