This week travel theme from Ailsa’s blog ‘Where’s my backpack’ is Big. I could have selected a few photos of big things, but you don’t necessarily get the scale from the photo if you were not there. So here is my selection for this week. As usual all the images in my post link through to the larger photos on my Flickr account.

Big things descend upon Sydney all the time. Whether it is fireworks displays, or the Olympic Games (the biggest sporting event in the world). Two that got me shooting was firstly when the RMS Queen Mary 2 came to town. At 345m long, she is bigger than an American aircraft carrier and I had to switch over to my 11-18mm landscape lens just to get her all in the shot. What a big beautiful ship!


A bit more downscaled, but still big for what it represented was when Lego trees sprouted in Martin Place in Sydney. Big kids (me) and little ones alike enjoyed the spectacle, though my son was too young to understand what he was looking at.


Still in Australia, I went down to Canberra with a couple of my mates to the Mountain Bike World Championships in 2009 at Mt. Stromlo. This was an awesome event, and the DH was probably the biggest spectacle. I positioned myself at the bottom of this jump where the riders were coming directly at us getting some big air before banking right to continue their downhill run. Wish I had this level of bike handling skill. BTW – if he wiped out I would have been smoked, anything for a good shot.


Also in Canberra, when my wife was doing her second Gear Up Girl ride with my Aunt, my uncle and I had to kill time and wander around the nation’s capital. We were a bit shocked as we drove away when right above us there was a big collision between two hot air balloons. The blue one lost control and was forced to land in an open paddock – all in slow motion… funny.


Onto Asia, and we had a fun time visiting Bangkok in Thailand. I was more than happy to stay away from the dodgy tourism with my wife and spend time in the splendid temples. It was very hard capturing the scale of the Big Buddha reclining in its temple. And yes that is all gold leaf.


Onto Europe, and in particular Greece where I spent some time working on the preparations for the Athens Olympic Games. Venturing from Athens offers some truly beautiful sights. The best island we went to would have to have been Santorini with is massive volcanic caldera that basically destroyed the Minoan culture. To provide a sense of scale, that boat in the middle is not small.


Over towards the Pelopponese you have to cross the Corinth Canal. To construct this they had to dig a big 6km channel through the ismuth of the landmass. But even though it saves some 700km in travel distance, they did not build it wide enough for modern shipping.


Finally, when I visited my brother and his wife in Toronto, the first attraction on our list to visit was the big CN tower. At over 550m tall, it wasn’t until Burj Khalifa was constructed that it was surpassed as the world’s tallest tower. The view is awesome from up here, and my son the Pok had great joy walking on the window ledge – much to the panic of his mother (and pride of his father).


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