Back in Sydney, it has been dreary and cold. It has pretty much been Winter. It was cold enough for me to don my winter jacket with a high collar zipped up all the way to my chin. So it was no surprise that I was daydreaming at lunchtime about our trip last weekend up to Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. No the people from up North of the border like to rub it in to Southern Australians with their tourism slogan “beautiful one day, perfect the next.” The challenge that I have with that is, you can’t argue against it. When you have temperatures in the mid-20s (celcius) in the middle of Winter, you have to love it. I wonder if the amount of sunshine these Queenslanders get affects them in other ways…

Going for a late afternoon walk by the seaside at the Sunshine Coast during the “magic hour” provided me with some cool photo opportunities.


The typical conifer trees that are found all along the Australia’s East Coast were already blooming.


My son, The Pok, was enjoying a bit of tree climbing (even if he had to get an initial boost from his Dad). He did get stuck a few moments later which came as more of a shock to him. Nothing like a bit of tree-hugging.


And the Pelicans were slowly paddling on the surface in search of dinner. I wonder whether they would be affected by daylight savings?


I love coming up to this part of the world.