This week’s Travel Theme from Ailsa’s blog – “Where’s my backpack?” is Motion. I find this theme a tough one to shoot. I enjoy going to sport events trying to snap the action but find it difficult without the right very expensive equipment. But I have had a look at some of my old photos from travels and got a few (not perfect) photos to match this theme. As usual, all the images link through to my larger photos on Flickr.

The first photo was from our trip to Bangkok in Thailand. At university, studying transport engineering we were all told about how bad the traffic was in Thailand. This road was surprisingly free-flowing.


Still in Asia, I love travelling in Japan on the Shinkansen (bullet train). These marvels of engineering look fast even when standing still. Standing at Kyoto station, this train blasted through to its eventual destination.


My second trip to Japan was an opportunity to go and see the Japanese Grand Prix in Suzuka. I had first corner tickets, and I tried to capture the cars flying through turn 2 while in motion.


The water in Australia is all about getting in and getting moving. All around the surf beaches, the local clubs always practice and compete in their surf row boats. It is awesome when they splash through the incoming sets of waves.


Even when their isn’t surf, we always love to jump in. This was taken at Coffs Harbour, about six hours drive North of Sydney – beautiful spot.


Even underwater nothing stands still. We have been fortunate to dive around the Great Barrier Reef off of Australia’s North Eastern coastline. It truly is a natural wonder of the world. I took this photo while swimming in the middle of this school of fish. They were completely surrounding me.


Closer to home I snapped this next shot in 2011 at the Vivid Festival of Light in Sydney. The light trail under the Sydney Opera House is a ferry travelling past while I had the shutter open.


Lastly, even though I took a break from posting about cycling, I had to include this shot of one of the French women riders in women’s downhill at the 2009 UCI Mountain Bike World Championships. I got lucky and snapped her airborne on one of the jumps.


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