This week Ailsa has given us the travel theme of “Flow”. You can find a link to this week’s travel theme here. Looking through my photos I found lots of different interpretations of this travel theme. I chose to focus on flowing falls of some kind, be they natural or man-made. I was surprised to find that a lot of the photos that matched this theme were taken with my older digital cameras – my Canon Powershot G2 and G5. I loved my G2, it was my first proper camera and really got me hooked on photography. But when I look at the quality of the photos that I have taken I cringe. There is chromatic aberration, fringing, and all sorts. But I suppose the more you practice the more you realise where you started. All the images below link through to my larger images on Flickr.

The first shot was taken on our second trip to Singapore, where this time we stayed overnight. We decided to visit Sentosa Island, which at the time still hadn’t been fully constructed. It is one of the most popular places to visit in Singapore, but it is very man-made. But like a lot of things in Singapore it is done vibrantly and well. Here is the man-made cascades that flow from the base of the Merlion on the island.


The next one is from Paris, France which has some pretty cool vintage museums but also some of the best modern museums I have ever been too. This was taken around the exterior walkways of the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie which translated into English means the Museum of Science and Industry. The exterior of the building looks like something out of a science fiction movie (maybe a Luc Besson film). The tubes were not enclosed, so it is the curvature and the speed of the flow that keeps the water from spilling all over the place.


My third photo is one of my favourites. It was taken at Fitzroy Falls in the NSW Southern Highlands in Australia. The photo was overexposed in the top right corner, but it was the first time that I captured flowing water streaming like a painting.


I have been fortunate to work and travel on several Olympic Games, and as a spectator one of the best to see was the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. The lack of visitors meant that you could see a lot of sports that would be a sell-out at other Games. Here are the flowing man-made rapids at the Canoe-Kayak slalom event. This is one of the coolest sports to watch as it is so full of action, suspense, and surprises.


My last shot is of absent flow, again on Fraser Island in Queensland, Australia. Being a sand island, there is not rock based land for river beds to flow down. What you have is sand based channels to guide the rivers with the detritus of the plants forming the base. This river only flows when it rains, which it does a lot on the island.