This week Ailsa has given us the travel theme of “peaceful”. You can find a link to this week’s travel theme here.

It is funny that I find myself seeking peaceful places on my travels. Whether it is a fleeting moment in a room or on a deck, or whether it is waiting for the sun to set over a big horizon. I sought these places of solitude all over the world, and the photos remind me of them when I come home. All the images in this post link through to my larger photos on Flickr.

Bangkok can be hectic, but there a plenty of places of solitude. This was one taken from one of the bars by the Chao Phraya river. With some of the political strife that they had in 2009, tourism was well down leaving many of these places free of many others.


My uncle and aunt lived for many years in Callala Bay, down in Jervis Bay on the NSW South Coast. When the weather is grim, I reckon that this is when the coast is at its most beautiful. This is the bush in a deep and dense fog. It was so quiet.


My mother-in-law lives up in the Northern Midlands in the United Kingdom at a place called English Frankton. The last time we paid her a visit I took the camera out for a walk to capture the English countryside. The rapeseed flowers were in full bloom.

English Frankton_11_0014

Fraser Island in Queensland Australia is the largest all sand island in the world. You can drive for over 100km along the coast and not see a soul when it is not busy. This shot was taken after a storm had rolled through. I love it how at low tide the sand is covered in shallow ocean wash.


Also in Queensland, but this time on the mainland are the Glass House Mountains which are located North of Brisbane. They kinda jut out of the countryside and at sunset are calm and peaceful, with the flocks of birds returning to their homes before night.


The Greek islands can be hectic, but out of season it is beautiful and peaceful. Here was the view from our balcony in Mykonos as dusk had arrived, the blues were very calming. Great way to end a day.


Also in Greece is the island of Santorini. Very different to Mykonos, but the sunsets over the ocean and caldera are stunning and world famous. It is funny how the whole island grinds to a halt as dusk approaches. It is strange to think that this beautiful setting was once the setting for one of the most violent volcanic eruptions in human history.


In Japan many of the houses, even in the cities, try to create a peaceful setting. It is as if the Japanese crave peace in their lives. I could not resist capturing the view of the garden through the screen doors of this house in Takayama. I wish I could have stayed their for hours, but alas it was not my house.


Again in Australia is Kakadu National Park which is bigger than Switzerland with not even 1% of its population. Yellow Water is absolutely stunning at sunset, and so peaceful that you are tempted to dive into the water. But it is full of crocodiles who themselves are ready to snooze until the sun powers them back up again the following morning.


This last shot is from my favourite place in Australia, and maybe even the world. Port Stephens is about 3 hours drive North of Sydney and is my paradise on earth. If I win the lottery tomorrow, I will be up there in a flash. We had glasses of wine in our hands the evening that this shot was taken.