Life has got in the way of posting, as I started a new job on Monday. It’s tiring coming back from holiday and then back to work, I need another holiday – vicious cycle 🙂

This week’s Travel Theme is Costume from Ailsa’s blog “where’s my backpack?” I found this one hard, as I don’t take as many photos of people as I do of places I have seen or visit.

My first photo is from the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Suzuka Japan, where after a few years of absence the race returned and the Japanese petrol heads turned out in their thousands. Toyota Racing team put on a big show as Suzuka is not too far away from one of their main factories in Nagoya. These two entertained the crowds.

F1 Suzuka 2009

A visit to Leeds Armouries in Leeds, United Kingdom, is a great opportunity to see the history of armour and medieval costume. Some of the life-size displays with the mannequins highlight not only the colour but the detail of the costumes for both man and beast.

Leeds Armouries - Knight

I used to body board quite a bit with mates for a few years. It was our weekend ritual to travel to Maroubra Beach to get roughed around in the surf, and the costume of choice has to be the wetsuit. The sign was not kidding – ask my mate on the right.

Maroubra Beach - Wetsuits

Not much to say about this next photo other than “The Force is Strong with this One”. The power to open up Volkswagens still eludes this young Padawan.

Star Wars Powerhouse Museum

And finally, who cannot but love the traditional Japanese costume that generations both young and old are proud to wear. I caught this shot of these two girls in Tokyo, Japan.

Tokyo - Costume


P.S. One extra addition that I found from last year at the Vivid festival in Sydney with a couple of the street performers. The boy in the photo was very chuffed with being in the photo.

Vivid - Costume Performers