This week’s travel theme is Pathways, which caused me a different problem from the previous travel themes of which photos not to include. Ailsa has given us a good one this week, as my most vivid memories of travels are walking down pathways in places that I have never been to before. You can find the link to Ailsa’s travel theme at . Quite often when I travel I like to leave the map behind and just walk to wherever it leads me. There is always a metro stop, or taxi, or a local who can guide me back to the roof over my head for the night. Sometimes it is also fun to watch the pathways that others take, enjoying the observation of their journeys. BTW – all the images below link through to my larger photos on Flickr.

The first photo is one I took in Thailand on a remote beach on one of the islands in the Andaman Sea. It was fun watching the crabs make the little balls of sand and then scurry on their paths back to the holes they originated from. There were hundreds of these patterns all over the beach, in what must have been a daily ritual.

Travel Theme - Pathways - Andaman Islands Crab

The second photos is from the day we spent in the university town of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. This is a very walking and cycling friendly place, where the car definitely does not rule, and the beautiful pathway along the river was well traversed – with the matching pathway on the water leading to other destinations.

Travel Theme - Pathways - Cambridge

The next two photos are from my first and second trips to Japan. Kyoto has the well known Philosopher’s Walk with the many temples and shrines dotted along it’s pathway. There are many other paths leading off of these trails, enticing you to explore. Kyoto would have to be one of the most beautiful and green cities I have ever visited.

Travel Theme - Pathways - Kyoto

In contrast the lesser known Kanazawa on the Western coast of the island of Honshu is often overlooked, but what a mistake. The home of gold leaf and the preserve of the old Japanese culture in the town has many sites that have avoided war and destruction. This photo is from the old Samurai Quarter that still exists today in the same layout and structures from those times. People still live there, and you can just imagine the Samurai walking through the pathways with their wooden shoes clanking on the stones.

Travel Theme - Pathways - Kanazawa

Not all pathways are laid out on the ground. The British canal system spurred on the industrial revolution and the many pathways that criss-cross the country show you a different side of the country that often cannot be seen from the motorways and highways. This shot was taken in a tiny village called Lyneal, and you can see the accompanying pathway alongside the canal where the older canal boats would be towed by horse along the waterways.

Travel Theme - Pathways - Lyneal Canal

The next two shots are of the pathways that marked out the UCI Mountain Bike 2009 World Championship Cross Country course at Mt Stromlo in Canberra, Australia. No other sport allows you to get so close to the riders, and watching the likes of Nino Schirter and Julien Absolon carve it up on the trails was awesome. I can’t wait to take my new MTB steed down to Mt Stromlo for a spin.

Travel Theme - Pathways - MTB XC Worlds 09 - 1

Travel Theme - Pathways - MTB XC Worlds 09 - 2

The island of Mykonos in Greece and it’s main town centre is a labyrinth of pathways that were designed to confuse invaders. Now it just confuses hapless tourists like me, but it certainly is fun.

Travel Theme - Pathways - Mykonos

If you ever get the chance to visit Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory of Australia then do it. This place is stunningly beautiful and typifies the Australian outback and the ancient history of the Aboriginal peoples. This photo was taken on our trip to Ubirr with its ancient rock paintings. Climbing up this rock along the pathway of your choosing provided us a stunning vista of the wetlands. My wife and one of my best friends can be seen navigating the rock. It was humbling to contemplate that maybe as much as 25,000 years ago or more the indigenous people of Australia walked these very paths.

Travel Theme - Pathways - Ubirr

The last shot was taken at the Versailles Palace Gardens in Versailles, France. I could have taken many similar shots like this one throughout the gardens, and you never know where a break in the hedges along the pathways might lead you.

Travel Theme - Pathways - Versailles