It has been a few weeks now disconnected and on vacation in Hawaii. What a trip it was! We saw and did some amazing things while there, and got to enjoy my brother and now sister-in-law’s wedding. I arrived back in Sydney yesterday afternoon to dreary weather and now rain soaked streets – so I am already in the throngs of travel withdrawal. My wife has said that I turned to being grumpy on the plane, she noticed the withdrawal in action.

The Pok (AKA my son) had a great time, and even the turbulent landing into Sydney airport cheered him up. While he slept for a good portion of the 10+ hour trip, he was wide awake and itching in his chair for the last 2 hours of the trip. When we hit our holding pattern over Sydney and were getting jolted around, the Pok started squealing giddily like a 2 year old does in excitement. Every time the jolting eased up, he would yell “can we do it again?” After about the 10th time, I told him he had to ask the captain of the plane – to which he responded at the top of his voice “Captain, can we do it again?” At least it calmed the nerves of all the passengers within 20 rows of us who don’t like turbulence.

Pok Flying Sleeping


BTW – if any parent is wondering what that special seatbelt thing is around him, it is a CARES harness and it was awesome. My wife bought it from a mother in Honolulu who children had outgrown it and it fits over the seat , but within the space of the tray on the back of the seat. It is FAA approved and he seemed reasonably content with it. There were only two catches to it; it doesn’t provide much head support when your little one drops off to sleep, and we were lucky that I had my parents behind us (otherwise it would have taken some negotiation with the air crew and the passengers immediately behind your child to install it). And yes, he stole my wife’s noise cancelling headphones.

We are definitely going back to Hawaii. I didn’t knock off everything on the travel bucket list, and discovered a whole lot more. Sure Honolulu is a tourist kitsch destination, but if all your holiday is to stay in a hotel and roast on Waikiki beach then you have fallen into the trap. There was so much to do just in Honolulu, but the best was getting away from the city and Oahu island.

For today, while I download all my photos and video this post is going to finish off with this sunset (to remember the many others that I will miss over the ocean). Well worth the 20 hours of flying.

Oahu Sunset