This week’s travel theme is ‘Contrast’ – , which had me for the most part well and truly stumped. I realised when sifting through my photos that I don’t shoot a lot of contrasting photos, but rather try and find the complimentary elements in the photograph and frame that shot. But I found a couple of photos, that hopefully reflect the theme. All the images link through to the larger photos on my Flickr site.

This first shot was from my first trip to the Great Ocean Road and the Otways in Victoria, Australia. Beautiful part of the world and now protected with State Forests and National Parks. The single dead Eucalyptus tree stood out among its peers in the living canopy.

Beech Forest dead Eucalyptus tree

The second shot was taken on the same trip, amongst the trees on the skywalk at Beech Forest. I love the way that the single strip of bark has fallen away from trunk.

Beech Forest peeling bark Eucalypt

This next shot was taken at the de Young Museum located in the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, CA. The building was amazing with it’s weathered and rusted metal covering. The solitary sculpture contrast beautifully against the deep burnt orange colours of the cladding.

de Young Museum sculpture

Every year for the last few years Sydney has hosted a festival of light, called Vivid! Every year they do something amazing on the Sydney Opera House, and I caught this single ‘sail’ lit up against the others as it transitioned between displays.

Sydney Opera House - Vivid 2011

The last photo is probably the most poignant as it was taken at the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, DC. Even after all these years, family members still lovingly remember their fallen loved ones.

In Memory of a fallen Vietnam War soldier