A couple of nights ago I had the pleasure of catching up with a fellow cyclists, and blogger, Frank Burns. He had just finished riding over 4,000 km starting at the top of the North Island of New Zealand all the way to the bottom of the South Island. Then flew over to Sydney and rode all the way down the coastal route to Melbourne. Pretty impressive, particularly given that this was the first time that he has visited this side of the planet.

But even more impressive was the fact that Frank has raised over £5,000 and counting to support the charities that are attempting to care for the children of Syria. I was watching the international news the other day when a disturbing statistic was discussed about how three out of every four children in Syria know someone who has been killed in the conflict. The tear in the psychological fabric of this generation of children will have ramifications for the future of not only Syria, but the world. And the world leaders are standing on the sidelines not wanting to put an end to the madness – and I am not underestimating the messiness of this action. But how many more Rwandas, Bosnias, and Syrias does it take to step away from the sidelines.

Anyways, we had a great night, and my brother (and riding buddy) joined us to talk everything two wheels, some tall stories, and knock down a few bevvies. By now Frank has probably landed back in England with his “trusty fallen soldier” in tow to be the centre piece of his wife’s plans for their garden.

Dinner with Frank Burns

You can read about Frank’s cycle touring adventures on his blog, amongst other topics at

Serendipities of Life – Taking the road less travelled

And if you feel like you can spare a dollar to support the cause to care for the innocent victims of the Syrian conflict, then please get behind Frank in the good work that he is doing.


I have been fortunate to make many new connections since starting this blog last year, and I hope to have the pleasure of meeting up others (either online or in person) in the future.