So I might be down a set of wheels, but that doesn’t mean others in our house are not keen to go for a spin. We bought the Pok (AKA our son) a balance bike a few months back and have been waiting for him to grow tall enough so that he can put his feet down on either side and push. He has recently gone through a mini growth spurt and we got him a new set of shoes that give him that little bit of extra height. Now he is ready to roll! After an abysmal weekend of weather, Sunday morning let the sun burst through the clouds. I could tell he was itching to get outside because he was riding the bike down the hallway. We had to take him to ride.

The location for his ride was the C.A.R.E.S Facility at Sydney Park in Alexandria. It is where they do motorcycle rider training for learner riders during the week. On the weekend it is where the children play on any combination of wheels. As soon as we parked the car up, the Pok was itching to take his bike for a spin – he wouldn’t even let me carry the bike to the track, he insisted on doing it. This facility is great! It has flashing signals (just like the proper ones on the road), speed bumps, marked pedestrian crossings, curbed road sides, marked lines – the works. And all of it is in a microcosm of traffic. For those parents half asleep walking through the complex you are going to get collected by a speeding child on a bike, scooter, or wheeled contraption of some kind. The look of joy on the kid’s faces is great, and this is the one of the safest complexes of its type that I have seen in Sydney where kids can just hoon around on wheels.

The Pok quickly got the hang of it, and it wasn’t long before he just took off and thought about looking for us as an afterthought. He was concentrating very hard, and what pleased me was his left hand prepared to grip the brake lever just like he has seen me many times doing before. Here he my little riding buddy hitting the track.

Pok Riding - #1Pok Riding - #2Pok Riding - #3Pok Riding - #4

What we weren’t expecting was half of the track being drowned in water from all the rain over the last couple of days. The drains must have been clogged, and this left a few dips in the road with big pools of water. Our son saw this and headed straight for that section of the road. He stopped as he reached the edge of the dry pavement and pondered his next move. After a very short period of pondering the words that came out of his mouth should not have surprised me, “Daddy, can I go in the water?” At first I responded “No, go the other way.” But then when he asked again I thought what would I have done if I was riding. Of course I would have gone through the water – again, and again, and again. There was no way I could stop him from riding through. So with shoes, socks, and shorts off he hit the trail again but this time Fred Flintstone style.

He Loved It!

Pok Riding - #5Pok Riding - #6Pok Riding - #7Pok Riding - #8

I would be lying if I said that there was not a hint of jealousy on my part. It looked like awesome fun! I think that this place will be frequented heavily until he goes exploring other trails. Especially if he gets to finish off his rides the way it finished today. He is too young to develop the cyclist’s post ride coffee addiction, so naturally he is picking a different poison.

Pok Riding - #9

Good times! If anyone wants to know where Sydney Park is, I have attached the Google Maps link below. The arrow marks the spot where the the riding track is. There is a car park adjacent to it with a set of lights to get into it, very easy to get to for anyone driving.

Sydney Park - Alexandria - Google Maps