I have resigned myself to the fact that my MTB steed is gone for good. That is devastating, but as my wife correctly said “I need to look forward and move on”. On a side note, my wife has been awesome dealing with a very angry/upset/melancholic rider in the house whose fuse has been unacceptably short. I think the most devastating thing about it is when I got screen shots from the CCTV footage. The Police are not interested, and if I was honest I don’t think they even have the manpower or resources to chase this sort of stuff down (they have enough trouble chasing down thieves who break into houses or steal cars). So I am left with the follow up, and while my main course of action is to chase up my insurance I want to post this guy’s photos so if others see him they lock up and call him out to the authorities.

Here he is entering into our building in the wee hours behind our cleaner who is trying to empty the garbage.


He was obviously not specifically looking for mine.

Thief Mother F#cker 2

At this point I suspect that he realised something was not right about the front wheel.

Thief Mother F#cker 3

He has made a mistake by deciding early morning is a good time to do this. That is when I (and most serious cyclists) get out and ride. It will be interesting to see how I would react should I bump into him.

But I need to move on. The challenge for me now is to find a 26″ bike with QR skewers so I can attach my son’s trailer to the rear axle. I will find a new MTB Steed to love and ride, and now I have the customisation bug it will become very much my ride.