I wish cycling had more team directors like Vaughters trying to come up with practical and doable solutions to addressing drugs in sport.

Frith Street Post

A thought provoking piece on how doping in cycling may be prevented. This blog appeared on http://www.cyclingnews.com

The blame game, MPCC and just who should clean up cycling

I am wearing a garbage bag. Why, you might ask, thinking that Merino wool is more my thing. Quite simple, I know that in these days of cycling, banana peels and rotten tomatoes are thrown at anyone who dares stick their head up. Rocks also work quite well and, sadly, my garbage bag won’t do much against those. They hurt.

Cycling has become a post revolution mob, not much different than paintings we see of post-revolution France. I think, back then, banana peels were replaced with bed pan water. So, before I begin, let me go ahead and save you the labor of writing in the comments section: I am an ex-doper, a filthy team manager hell bent on extracting dollars and…

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