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Quick post tonight. I had to take a day trip down to Melbourne for work today. The work is good, but up at 4am and land back at Sydney after 8pm is tough going. I decided to bring the my point and shoot with me to see if I was going to be rewarded with a cool shot or two. It was pretty dreary flying out of Sydney, not much to shoot at. But the return trip back from Melbourne gave me a couple of things to work with. A little Photoshop magic produced a couple of better than average shots. I think I will take the point and shoot with me more often on these flights, to see what else comes up.

A breakthrough in the clouds

Flying Shot 1

A Sunset of Cloud

Flying Shot 2

A couple of months ago I rode with a couple of mates in the Sydney Ride to Conquer Cancer. It was a two day, 200km ride to raise funds in support of the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Camperdown, NSW. The Lifehouse is the vision of  oncologist Professor Chris O’Brien, and it aims to transform cancer treatment for Australians in an environment thriving on discovery, research and uncompromising care. Unfortunately Chris O’Brien also lost his battle to cancer, but his legacy lives on. In total we were all able to raise $5.8 million, which has gone a long way to funding construction of the new facilities – which are still under construction. This was the best organised ride that I have ever done, and it had a really good vibe.

Today the organisers of the ride got a few of us together again this morning for a celebratory ride, as a thank you for our combined efforts. It was a good opportunity to catch up with my fellow riding mates doing some of what we love – two wheel travelling. JE, one of my former work colleagues, joined me this morning at my house on the way to Centennial Park where we were going to go cruising. Both of us have young 2 year olds, and we were both yawning as we rode to the start area. The weather was looking dodgy, but with a few snacks in a belly JE and I set off with the rest of the group.

CY and JE riding to celebrate Conquer Cancer

For the ride’s journey out, we followed the road down to La Perouse that GE and I rode on Thursday morning. What greeted us was a pretty mean head wind sent in our direction courtesy of the regular Sydney Southerly.  On the return we took a detour over to the shipping docks and container yards. This was a cool little detour, but I reckon it would be busy to ride during the week through that area. By the time we returned to Centennial Park, we  hadn’t quite racked up the 50km. We decided to ride back home rather than have Pok and his Mummy come and pick us up. This choice rewarded us with some sunny skies and the opportunity to spin by the shores of Sydney Harbour. I realise I am pretty lucky to have  Sydney Harbour as my local riding area. It was a good morning riding all round, with a reasonable amount of climbing (446m). Here is the link to the Strava ride that I uploaded from the GPS if anyone is interested in the route.

What surprised me when I uploaded the ride from the Garmin was how my trip computer appeared to be suffering from a hangover. See the arrows against the route mapped out below – too funny.

Is my Garmin drunk?Truth be told, all those areas are surrounded by high rise buildings in the Sydney CBD. So I imagine that the GPS was probably picking up some reflected signals from the buildings. Nonetheless it looks funny, and this is the first time that I have seen this on a route recorded on my Garmin.

Good times, Summer has now officially arrived in Sydney. I look forward to having a hot one, though not sure I could handle day after day of yesterday’s 35+ degree heat – too stifling to ride.

The Christmas spirit has well and truly arrived in Sydney. Everyday walking home I see a steady stream of people dressed for the silly season, and it looks fun. It was looking like a bright clear day in the morning, so I decided to bring the SLR out and see if I could capture a few shots. Some people don’t like the tackiness of Christmas decorations, but I love the colour and vibrant displays. I think this will be the first of a series of posts as I get the opportunity to take some more shots of the Christmas festivities in and around Sydney. Good will to all men – enjoy!

Sydney Christmas 2012 - Pyrmont Tree Star

Sydney Christmas 2012 - The Strand

Sydney Christmas 2012 - The Strand 2

Sydney Christmas 2012 - Martin Place

Sydney Christmas 2012 - QVB Tree

Sydney Christmas 2012 - Swavorski

Leave me a comment if you would like to know where these shots were taken.

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