Christmas 2012 is well and truly over and it was great. But all the Christmas pudding and over eating has given me the kick up the backside to get spinning again. I was dying to get out on Christmas Day and go for the happiest ride of the year, but alas it was wet, windy and miserable in Sydney. Boxing day was not much fun either but I got out on the MTB steed and hit the trails around my Parent’s house. Today was going to be the day to go out and smash it – and what do you think happened to the weather? From 19 degrees (Celsius that is) on Christmas day to 36 degrees today. In my head I was going to ride the M7 – 80km of dedicated cycleway, with more chance of getting swooped by a magpie than being hit by a car – all goodness. But when I got ready to roll the heat hit me like a sledgehammer. And it was blowy to boot. Didn’t matter – sunscreen on, cap and shades donned, and plenty of iced fluid to go.

Christopher Yardin getting ready to roll

The first 20km was torture, and my heart rate was constantly jumping over 160bpm. I was suffering!

So I tried to think of a distraction to keep me mashing the pedals. What jumped into my head was one of my mates saying to me the other day that cycling is the new golf. What a load of b0ll0cks!

I decided to amuse myself with a list of all the reasons why cycling is cycling and not the new golf. I would love to hear other cyclists reasons why too.

Ten reasons why Cycling is not the new Golf

10. No one is going to carry your bike for you – caddies anyone?

cyclocross bike carry

9. Going into the rough means… change bikes (Road to MTB) and more fun!

8. Pushing the limit on a bike means getting closer to hitting your maximum heart rate, not choosing to hit over the water hazzard.

7. After one stroke, you have another stroke, and another – 90 times a minute for hours on end. Go hard!

6. Buggies are not an option.

5. Cycling legends are cool (Gary Fisher, Mario Cipollini, Bradley Wiggins).

Gary FisherMario CipolliniBradley Wiggins

Golf legends are not (Lee Trevino, Ernie Els, Phil Mickelson).

Lee TrevinoErnie ElsPhil Mickelson

4. I don’t have to pay $20,000 to join a club plus green fees to go for a ride.

3. Going into the water means that I am f#@&ed, not just change balls and take a drop.

2. My course is… everywhere.


1. Bombing it downhill makes you feel alive!

No doubt there will be a follow up with even more reasons, but for now tight chains everyone and giddy up some more before New Years.