The Christmas spirit has well and truly arrived in Sydney. Everyday walking home I see a steady stream of people dressed for the silly season, and it looks fun. It was looking like a bright clear day in the morning, so I decided to bring the SLR out and see if I could capture a few shots. Some people don’t like the tackiness of Christmas decorations, but I love the colour and vibrant displays. I think this will be the first of a series of posts as I get the opportunity to take some more shots of the Christmas festivities in and around Sydney. Good will to all men – enjoy!

Sydney Christmas 2012 - Pyrmont Tree Star

Sydney Christmas 2012 - The Strand

Sydney Christmas 2012 - The Strand 2

Sydney Christmas 2012 - Martin Place

Sydney Christmas 2012 - QVB Tree

Sydney Christmas 2012 - Swavorski

Leave me a comment if you would like to know where these shots were taken.