It was an early start to the day for this photoshoot. I caught the first train from Town Hall to North Sydney crossing the Sydney Harbour Bridge before sunrise. Very quiet ride, and I can tell you I was missing the zzzz’s. My partner in photo shooting crime, Grumpy Burton, picked me up in his jeep to head to the target spot at Middle Harbour. We got there just as pre-dawn hit, and what looked like some interesting cloud formations turned out to be a messy wash of sky. We were greeted to one of the many cruise ships visiting Sydney. The results were a bit disappointing, but I have washed a few of the shots through Photoshop to bring out some of the colour in the clouds. Middle Harbour Sunrise - Cruise Ship entering Sydney Harbour Middle Harbour Sunrise - Sun Peaking through the Clouds  Middle Harbour Sunrise - Sun struggling after its riseAnd it looks like we weren’t the only ones out and about. Middle Harbour Sunrise - PaddlersEven though it was not as striking a morning as we hoped, Grumpy pulled out a handy little camera carrier. Middle Harbour Sunrise - Quadcopter launchingGrumpy built this quadcopter himself, and it is a cool not-so-little flyer. It has four carbon fibre rotors with brushless electric motors and electronic controllers. It even has a GPS to hold its position. But the best mod that Grumpy has installed has to be the Go-Pro HD camera that he has pinged to the front and that you can see in the photo above. He has uploaded the video from this morning on the YouTube, check it out below. You can see me plenty of times in the video on the edge of the cliff at Middle Harbour.

Super cool! Grumpy is a pretty sharp shooter himself, check out his Flickr page – Grumpy Burton Flickr. His blog site is Fotonic Exposure and it is over on Blogger.

If anyone is interested to know where the location for this shoot was, have a look at the map below. The green arrow is the point where we were shoot and Grumpy was flying.

Middle Harbour Sunrise Shoot Map

Next clue for my header photo – the building is located in a large European city. Time to giddy up and plan the next shooting excursion.