Judge: All rise. The court is about to hear the case of ‘Parents versus Pok’. The charge is Mummy assault and battery. How does the defendant plead?

Defense (Pok): My want ice cream, not guilty

Pok_Attacks-1blogProsecution (Parents): The prosecution wishes to show the court exhibit A – also known as ‘Bettie’s Train Truck’. The blood splatter on the corner of the vehicle is consistent with blunt force trauma inflicted by the defendant on our victim. This can be seen as highlighted on the photo.


Pok_Attacks-2blogDefense: I object, that is not blood that is ‘red glue’ (quote from Pok). My want blueberries!

Judge: Overruled, this house does not contain ‘red glue’. You had already had blueberries for breakfast this morning.

Prosecution:  The prosecution wishes to call to the stand it’s one and only witness – Mummy of Pok. Mummy, what did you do in the moments immediately after the attack?

Victim (Mummy): I called out for Daddy of Pok and immediately went to the emergency room. There I was treated for the trauma, it hurt!

Pok_Attacks-3blogProsecution: Can you describe what the wound looked like?

Victim: Like a cut when a boxer cops a hit to the brow and they have to stop the bout and put on that magic cream thing. It occurred right up here.

Pok_Attacks-4blogProsecution: The prosecution rests your honour.

Judge: Defendant, what do you have to say?

Defense: Mummy – my want ice cream, that is my truck. Puffing down the track, choo choo.

Pok_Attacks-5blogJudge: In light of this irrefutable evidence, the court finds the defendant guilty! Does the prosecution wish to press charges?

Prosecution: No, we will accept a good behaviour bond.

Pok_Attacks-6blogDefense: What happened Mummy?


Ah, the joys of raising a two year old.