Tonight I got a pass out from being a parent (thanks missus Becky) and caught up with my mate Kiwi. I have been pretty slack over the last few months catching up with mates in between work, parenting, and training for a couple of big rides. So I hadn’t seen Kiwi for a couple of months. What prompted us to meet up was him telling me that a plan he had been scheming is finally being hatched. Kiwi is a bit older than me, but strangely at the same maturity level (I don’t know whether that is an insult to him or me). And he is a good mate, the kind that would always help you out in a bind. So when he told me a couple of months ago that he was thinking of packing up in Sydney to relocate to South America, I thought he was being aspirational.

But he is now on the way!

He has sold his apartment, handed in his intention not to continue his work contract, and looking at ways to get a visa. By Christmas he will have left Aussie shores for pastures in another part of the Southern hemisphere. And good on him! I must admit that a part of me is envious, of the adventure that he is about to embark on.

I suppose all the signs were there. Less than two years ago he took off to do a 6 month backpacking tour of South America, and he loved every minute of it. Myself and a few of the fellas were actively following his adventures through his blog. He is not too shabby a photographer either. He even started to properly learn Spanish while on his trip with a tutor and all. He kept it up when he came back to Sydney and is not bad for a native English speaker.

So the clock is ticking to make sure I catch up with him a few more times before he leaves Aussie shores. I think a bodyboard or two down at the Bra would be the minimum, and a few nights on the bevvies. I’ll be honest when I say that I will be sad to see him go. But there is always positives. He will be firing up his blog again, hopefully shooting some pics, and I will have an excuse to visit him and take another adventure. I told him that we have to go mountain biking at his new home.

Anyways, I am picking up my newish mountain bike from the shop tomorrow, but I will post the details and pics tomorrow. Funny stories surrounding this steed. For now, it is time to get zzzzz’s so I can giddy up on my Friday morning ride with MG down to LaPa and back.

Next clue on the cover photo, the building is quite different from all of its neighbouring buildings and some people think that it is kinda ugly.