So I have decided to throw my hat in the ring and have others judge some of my best photos. I entered the Nat Geo photo competition last night and uploaded 4 photos. It is funny what I view as my favourite, and therefore best, photos. My wife brought me down to earth very quickly when I selected on that I took of the 12 Apostles on the Great Ocean Road at sunset, where she promptly told me “I have seen plenty of other ones that are better than that”. So in the end I selected a mix of different ones that I have taken on my travels.

The first one that I entered was a photo that I took on our trip last year to Kakadu to visit our friends David and Aimee (and the girls). What a magical place, and what a great place for sunsets. The water was teeming with crocs who kept popping their heads up above the water surface to peer at you with their prehistoric eyes. Why I love this photo is the combination of the sunset colours on the sky and clouds, the silhouetting of the tree line, and the reflection of the water – not to mention the hint of a croc leaving a trail on the water’s calm surface.

Sunset over Yellow Water at KakaduThe second one was from the same trip but a couple of days earlier. My wife and I took a helicopter flight (first one ever for my wife) over Kakadu and the Western part of Arnhem Land. It was awesome as the pilot indulged my geeky interest in flying. I asked him the question “what do crocs look like from the sky?” He replied “they look like logs with two pointy ends.” So as I scanned the ground I thought I struck pay dirt immediately and pointed “like that one?” At which point he dropped the chopper down to about 200 feet and circle the sand bar. I think we startled it, but I was able to snap this shot.

Waking Crocodiles from the SkyThe third one was taken from a trip that we did with my cousin Kyky, her husband Charles and the girls to Fraser Island. Charles had just bought a Land Cruiser, his pride and joy, and what better way to test its performance than to take it to the Disneyland for 4WDs. As dusk was approaching, the sky finally started clearing up and the low tide provided a mirror on the sand. That sandy coast stretches for kilometres – beautiful part of the world.

Fraser Island Coastline at DuskThe last photo is my wife’s favourite, and was taken on our trip to the Otways National Park. We took the skywalk at Beech Forest, and I couldn’t help but notice the single strand of bark falling off the tree. It is a simple photo, but the palette and natural lines give it something else. I like it…

Tears of BarkSo I like to shoot photos a bit – and should do more of it. It encourages you to look at the world in a different way, notice simple things, but view things differently. I am looking forward to a photo trip with one of my mate’s Grumpy next week. He is a great photographer and it should be fun motivating each other for a sunrise shoot. But more of that giddy up later.

Oh… and if you are wondering where the photo in my site header was taken, I will give you the first clue – it was taken from the top floor of the building.