Well it has only taken me since I first jumped on the WWW at uni (back in 1995) to finally get my own slice of the internet. I supposed I have been kinda inspired by my younger cousin Patrice who is over in Montreal on student exchange. He is a guy who loves getting out of his comfort zone, and enjoys the risk of the unknown. His blog is http://pantsopti0nal.tumblr.com/ and the name stems from the last road trip that he did where him and his mates dropped their pants and posed in their boxers in various locations on their travels. Anyways, St. Christopher is watching over my little cuz and keeping him safe.

As for my blog… Something for Pok… well that last name is one of the (many) nicknames that I have for my only child and son Isaac. He used to make a funny noise when he was first born with his mouth that sounded something like pok, pok, pok, pok… you get the drift. He is my (and my wife’s) bundle of joy, energy, and sleep deprivation, and he gives me a funny moment every day.

It is a strange night tonight writing this post. There is a huge storm that has hit much of the Eastern coast of North America. I am finding myself addicted to getting the updates on the TV news and on the net. CNN is on in the background, and while I am concerned about the people there – and a former teammate who now lives in mid-town NYC – it is a strangely voyeuristic indulgence. I am located on the other side of the world in Australia, so while the Northern Hemisphere is being treated to a nasty Autumn I am looking forward to Summer around the corner.

Probably the other bizarre thing I am thinking about is how this storm will affect the outcome of the US Presidential Election. I have my preferred outcome. While I will not tell you directly, let’s just say my views are aligned to the NY Times Editorial team. That has probably been the other voyeuristic indulgence of mine over the last couple of months and it is all coming rapidly to a close.

What is this blog about – a lot of things that reflect my MANY interests. But I will leave that for another post. But for this opening salvo I say – giddy up!

Hello World!